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Bigger Is Better!

Made From Scratch Cooking

Over 40 years ago, every Vic’s meal was made from scratch using unique recipes developed by Mr. Vic West and family. Today, the same recipes are used to prepare Vic’s signature Jumbo Square Biscuits, Casseroles, Blue Plate Specials, homemade Pies and Cobblers, and more. Mr. Vic believed that “Bigger is Better” because all of Vic’s 1/3 lb. Jumbo Burgers are hand-pattied, Vic’s 5 oz. Pork Chops are hand-breaded, and Vic’s 4 oz. Jumbo Tenders are also hand-breaded and served with Vic’s Secret-Recipe Dipping Sauce. Vic’s Signature Salads, Sandwich Platters, and Breakfast choices are all freshly prepared when ordered.  Visit Vic’s for lip-smacking, good food!

The  West   Family

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